The number one booking & dispatch solution for private hire & taxi industry


Innovative, Efficient, Reliable

Encompassing everything learnt from the taxi industry over the last two decades of autocab’s global success


Simply the best

The world’s most advanced data terminal available on the market today



Purpose built for the taxi industry incorporating over 20 years of experience


Every thing you need, in one place

Feature rich and plentiful, the Minos offers the full package in terms of new features


Hardware and software made for each other

Together with Ghost is the perfect mix to expand your business


Designed for speed and practicality

Job allocation becomes simpler than ever before

The Minos provides excellent portability and it is compact enough to fit inside your pocket. It’s quick release mechanism is a handy feature for when you want to leave the car and prevents crime arising from the complicated nature of ejecting a terminal.


Stunning display, day and night

Each and every icon is crystal clear and the colour definition is excellent. A special ‘night-mode’ view is excellent for taxis driving at night or through a tunnel.


Quality guaranteed

Manufactured in the UK to deliver the best standards possible

The Minos is manufactured right here in the UK, purpose built for the taxi industry to autocab’s exacting standards. The Minos’s durable, robust and reliable design offers you many years of the excellent experience which Autocab’s mobile data terminals have become famous for.


Built for the road ahead

Strong & Solid technology in each and every car of your business

Even after many years of extensive use, the Minos will simply keep going ensuring you will never suffer any kind of disruption to your company. In addition, the Minos’s exceptional build quality means it is both the most innovative and reliable data terminal to date.


Robust and purpose-built for the industry

Every inch of the Minos is designed specifically for the taxi industry

The Minos is yet another addition to autocab’s excellent range of innovative products and services. We have been designing and manufacturing mobile data terminals for over twenty years and during that time, have gained an unrivalled knowledge of the taxi industry. With that in mind, the Minos truly is the intelligent choice.


Perfect screen size. Perfect Terminal

Hardware and software simply made for each other

All the job details have been adjusted to fit all on the screen of the Minos. We feel we have provided drivers will all the information that they want to know. This ability to combine the software and hardware to enable the best user experience is what sets us apart from the rest. The combination of the Minos’s robust and durable design with autocab’s industry leading on-board software makes the Minos, truly the definitive mobile data terminal of this current generation.


  • Windows CE operating system.
  • Advanced touch screen technology
  • High Definition display
  • 4.3” Colour screen
  • Real time airport details & Live Flight details with real time updates
  • Advanced easy bidding facility
  • Full UK and Ireland A to Z map with voice navigation
  • Outstanding voice navigation & Complete road by road voice navigation

Unique to the Minos

  • Dual Sim Card for back-up communication.
  • Compatible with Two-way Radio and GPRS -Integrated Radio and GPRS modem
  • Built-in GPS meter for exact fare calculation
  • Integrated swipe card reader
  • Bluetooth
  • Compatible with Easy Pay (Chip & Pin)
  • USB Connectivity (2 Ports)

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